Portrait Processing: Editing from Start to Finish


Portrait Processing: Editing Course

It's finally here... After years of photographers asking if I was going to be putting out an editing course, the day has come!

Join me in this editing course where I cover everything that I do when editing my images using the very steps that you see in my portfolio and throughout my work. I'll be breaking down what I do step-by-step via video tutorials so you can start bringing out your images to their fullest. This course contains 3 hours of editing walk-throughs and showing you everything you need to know to bring life into your images.

Notes: This course is hosted via Teachable and will contain editing techniques from Adobe Photoshop. You will need Adobe Photoshop to follow along.

- 3 HOURS of editing video tutorials

Some of the Topics Covered:
+ Adjusting RAW Files
+ Skin Retouching - Advanced and Basic
+ Editing Backlit and Full Sun Images
+ Real Time Edits
+ Adding Sun Flare
+ Editorial Editing Techniques
+ Removing Objects, Tan Lines and Under Eye Bags

BONUS: Hot Key Guides for Photoshop
BONUS: Signature SBP Editing Actions



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