Custom Collections



Custom Collections is what every photographer has been dreaming of. When I was creating these for myself to use in my own business, I knew I had to get these into the hands of photographers. If you're not posting and showing off your beautiful archive quality photo products you offer to your clients, you're missing out.

Custom Collections are fully customizable product collection templates for you to showcase your beautiful client's portrait orders without having to photograph a single flat lay!! These are ready to go and contain ten (10) base collections with the ability to crop them and create up to 50 unique images!! That means you never have to worry about duplicating a client product collection!

Included in the product are video tutorials to get you set up and familiar with using the product templates in Photoshop. With the magic of smart objects, all of the hard work is done for you! Plus, there is another video tutorial that shows you how you can maximize your images by creating multiple pieces of content from one base image. This means that you only have to do the work once, but can show off multiple unique pieces of content across your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Story and more without having to do anything additional.

- TEN (10) Fully Customizable Flat Lay Templates (.PSD files)
- Logo, tissue paper, ribbon and album spine color can all be changed to match your brand perfectly
- Over 40 Different Ways to Create New Images to Post (50 unique image possibilities)
- HIGH RESOLUTION to use for client magazines, your website, marketing materials, social media, etc.
- Video Tutorial: How to Use Custom Collections Walk-through
- Video Tutorial: Getting More Out Of Your Base Images - Repurposing Content & Cropping Tutorial
- BONUS: Product Flat Lay on black desktop for brand diversity
- BONUS: Packaging Flat Lay with Thank You Card




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